Board Repair Service

REPAIR SERVICE ONLY Graco Control Board for UltraMax II Part # 287247/ 287941

REPAIR SERVICE ONLY Graco Control Board for UltraMax II Part # 287247/ 287941

REPAIR SERVICE ONLY Graco Control Board for UltraMax II Part # 287247/ 287941

This is for repair only! Once that is done, send the board in and we will have it done in generally a day. Please follow the instructions on how the process works. We've been in the appliance repair business for just under 20 years. We started in the 90's but as time went on, we noticed that appliances are equipped with many more computer components than in the past.

In fact, many technicians have completely gotten out of the business due to that! But we adapted and began doing those repairs as well and over time, we added that skill set to our services.

If you're in the Palm Beach area, we are available to come to your home to repair your appliance and if need be, take the bad circuit board with us for repair. Below you'll find an extensive list of boards we repair. Our goal is to earn your business through cheap pricing, decent turnaround time and overall good communication. I can tell you that we are cheaper than the competition because we don't have a lot of overhead.

I can also tell you that we replace the bad parts, test all and additionally replace more common parts that tend to go bad, even if they're still O. Our turn around time is 3-5 days, unless we need to order an odd relay or eeprom chip. If you need it done faster and we have everything we need, we'll put it in front of the rest of them.

The boards are checked thoroughly. Please make sure that the board is the same in the picture.

Look at the side with the relays, NOT JUST THE FACE PLATE. The board needs to be the same in order for our equipment to analyze it. For boards that are encapsulated in a shell, PLEASE remove the shell before mailing. For us, it takes time due to the number of stuff we get in so please remove it. Thank you for your business! Note We have the tools necessary to thoroughly check all parts on the board, including the main microprocessors and you will know whether or not the board is good and can be repaired or if it's not repairable soon after receiving it. For any boards in METAL or HEAVY casings, please remove before mailing. If not removed, an additional charge will be invoiced based on the total additional weight of the board. This option should not be used on any oven, much less an oven with a board that was worked on.

It's dangerous and can damage the board. Obviously we're not here to collect your info. In fact, we could care less about your info, we just want to get your appliance up and running again! How long will it take to repair your circuit board? Most circuit boards can be repaired in just a day or two.

If you don't see your board on the list, please feel free to inquire about time and if your board is approved or not. Some boards we simply do not do. For example, boards with a layer of wax covering them are generally off our list of approved boards. What happens if you cannot repair my board? If you'd like your board mailed back to you, you will have to pay for that. Do not just send it in without doing the aforementioned. Doing so may delay your return time and cause overall confusion on our end. What that means is that the board will be repaired again should something happen.

Don't worry though, if your board has a problem down the road after it was repaired, we'll do everything we can to get it back to normal! Can we talk to someone about our machine and the problems it's having? Yes, we understand that sometimes you might get stuck and may need our help. Each customer is treated individually and our lines are open for easy communication between ourselves and the customers. We simply ask that you do not abuse the our services and take up too much of our time.

We don't mind helping, just call. And please don't jump to conclusions, if you have any questions, simply reach out. We're not here to cause you problems. We are here to help you get your appliances back up and running.

REPAIR SERVICE ONLY Graco Control Board for UltraMax II Part # 287247/ 287941