Board Repair Service

Repair Service For Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board 216979600

Repair Service For Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board 216979600

Repair Service For Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board 216979600
GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE BEGINS WITH TRANSPARENCY. Please take a moment to read the information below. NOTICE: Watch out for bad actors. There are a lot of imitators out there who have cloned our listing titles in an attempt to redirect customers. We love fair competition, it only helps the industry as a whole. But please make sure you are reading a sellers feedback. There other sellers offering similar services that have pretty horrible feedback.

We are constantly getting repairs that were failed repairs from some of our competitors. We invest big into our technicians and the tools they use. It's why we have the best success rate in the business. We have to place value on the time our techs spend on your parts becuase it insures that our techs will exhaust all possible solutions.

Companies that do not charge to diagnose will not invest the same amount of time in complex problems. THIS IS NOT A PART! If you arrived here thinking it was a part, it's because your part is discontinued. Our company provides an alternative to replacing your applinace when controls are discontinued. It's a little more involved than ordering a part, but since a part isn't available, it means that the only other option is to replace your entire appliance. Attention Technicians - We love you all, but you are the worst offenders, Please Please excercise good communication with your customers about our process. We do not want to be the punching bag when your customer yells at you for something you didn't tell them because you rushed through the creation of this order. That means that it's sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. We never know what is going to arrive each day and because of that it can dramatically affect how many repairs get done each day. Price Matching - We will match competitors with comparable services and warranties.

Just let us know and we will match whoever, whenever, as long as they are reputable and are offering the same things we are offering. We stand behind our work more than any other company. We cover lightning strike, power surge, and accidental damage by you or a technician.

Nobody else offers this level of protection. We specialize in board level repair, with a 98% success rate.

Through our proprietary repair process, our service will correct all major failures with your appliance and/or electronic control board(s). We have some seriously smart technicians that will use highly developed skills and a touch of wizardry to repair what someone else probably told you needed to be replaced. Here are some things you should know. We are a US Based, English speaking company right in the heart of America in Lenexa, Kansas. Our success rate is about 98%.

If a part is available, we can sell you a part instead. They are more expensive but do provide a quicker turnaround. We are humans, this means we can't guarantee you a successful repair. But our reputation means the world to us so in the event your part can't be fixed, we will try to find alternative solutions because at the end of the day we just want to help you solve your problem. Most codes are directly related to the control board.

You can check our troubleshooting section to see what your error code means. If the board is the problem we can fix it! Display not working, intermittently going out, or just really dim? We can sometimes fix this without even replacing the display. However, if we have to replace the display there may be an extra charge. Damage form lighting or power surges can quickly damage components. While not all problems can be fixed, we have a very high success rate at repairing components damaged by electrical shock. If your broil function stops working, first check the element. If it's functioning properly then the control board needs to be repaired. No need to throw the appliance away, we can fix this! If your bake function stops working, first check the element. If your convection function stops working, first check the element and/or fan. If your clean function stops working, first check both elements. If they are functioning properly then the control board needs to be repaired. If your temperature is getting too hot or not hot enough, Check your temperature probe first.

If that is good, then the control board is the problem. We can solve this problem for you! If the defrost function isn't working, make sure the fans are good first. We can fix this for you! The transformer converts high voltage down to a lower voltage for the control board.

They are either part of the board or separate. We can fix these if they go bad, however, replacements do cost extra. Keyboard is non-responsive or causing error codes?

Check and clean the connection, if that doesn't fix it, the keypad and/or control board could be the issue. Please note that keypads are not included in the price of our control board repair. MCU (Micro-Controller), Display Driver IC, or EEPROM bad?

We can re-program a new chip for most boards. Did your control board bake itself to a crisp! Surprisingly, we actually can fix most situations where there is physical damage!

Extensive damage may require additional charges, but most do not. We can fix just about anything that goes wrong with the control board. If you don't see the problem listed, just give us a call! Creating an order is simple.

Type your part number into the search box and add the service to your shopping cart. From there follow the onscreen prompts.

It takes about 5 minutes or less to create a service order. If you don't know your part number give us a call! Simply follow them the best you can.

One of your most important steps! Make sure you read the instructions and follow them as closely as possible. This will ensure your order doesn't get delayed once it arrives. Once your part arrives, it will be processed in. We document all contents sent and make sure all needed parts were sent.

In the event you did not include something, we will contact you. You are then placed into the repair queue.

Once your part arrives, you are good to go! Reinstall your part and get back to business!

We also have and an optional lifetime coverage plan. Accidentally plug things in the wrong after you get it back?

How frustrating would it be if after you had your part fixed you had storm and lightning took it out. Use your appliance more than the average person? No problem, we cover wear and tear on the part. Did you or your technician accidentally drop it?

Let the dog chew on it? Our competitors like to tell you that you can't use your clean cycle because it gets too hot...

You can turn your oven into kiln if you really want to because you're covered! Everyone makes mistakes, including the professionals who install these parts for a living.

We could spend days listing all the things that could cause damage, but we won't, because it's all covered! As long as the part hasn't been damaged to the point of no return it's covered! Now for the part where we talk about all the things no one wants to talk about... There are some important things you need to know before you decide to do business with us. Customer Service and Integrity are very important to us. Which is why we take the time to outline all the "fine print" of our terms and conditions. We encourage everyone to read them but we have picked out the most important things you need to know BEFORE you choose to do business with us. While our job is very rewarding, it is also very stressful and time-consuming. This portion of what you pay is non-refundable regardless of the outcome and becomes non-refundable the day your part arrives at our facility.

This is not a guarantee on time. Delays can and do happen. Because we are all normal people with families and lives outside of work, please understand that we pour our heart and soul into EVERY order, no matter how long it takes. However, if you send the keypad/touchpad with the control board we will diagnose it for free! If it is malfunctioning we will quote you the cost of repair or replacement.

If you order this service by mistake, or, you change your mind, no problem! Unfortunately in our industry not everything can be repaired. Please know that we do everything in our power to repair your part, if it is deemed non-repairable it's a decision that was not made lightly.

Circuit boards can contain proprietary components. Proprietary components contain protected data or components that were made specifically for that part. Micro-Controllers, Screens, Transformers, and Keypads are proprietary.

If a proprietary component is bad and can't be immediately sourced, we will give you the option of keeping the order active while we hunt down the proprietary component needed to complete the repair. Choosing to go on the donor list makes the entire service non-refundable due to the time investment to locate the component.

Repair Service For Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board 216979600